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    “Our clients trust us with protecting and growing their wealth. We take that responsibility very seriously. Risk and return are intrinsically linked. For most of our clients we are targeting an agreed rate of return. We aim to moderate downside risk and utilise appropriate asset allocation in a cost effective manner.” Vincent Digby – Founder, Impartial.ie

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    “Currently the average woman will have €14k p.a. pension income in retirement (€2k p.a. private pension and €12k p.a. State Pension). Remember a spouse is not a pension plan! Ladies we need to wise up and start planning for our own retirement.” Nikki Digby -  Director, Impartial.ie

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    “Important financial decisions often have far reaching and lasting consequences. These issues are far too important to be making big decisions based on rough estimates. At Impartial we don’t estimate our client’s needs.  We analytically quantify those needs and then stress test them under adverse scenarios to measure their impact. ” Nikki Digby – Director, Impartial.ie  

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    "When clients choose to work with Impartial, they can expect completely trustworthy and expert advice to help them make an informed decision as to what’s in their best financial interests. We are fully transparent and upfront in our dealings with clients and our objective is to earn the right to be a trusted adviser” Vincent Digby – Founder Impartial.ie

Impartial = Neutral, Fair and Unbiased.

Impartial.ie = A truly impartial financial advisory to help you navigate safely towards your financial objectives.

  • We are investment specialists. It’s what we do and always have done. We have introduced a Global investment portfolio service for all your pension and investment needs. You are no longer tied to a small pond of domestic providers
  • When clients trust us with protecting and growing their wealth, we take that responsibility very seriously
  • Managing investment risk and delivering returns are critical if you want to meet your long term financial goals
  • Quality underpins all we do. It starts with having a team of highly qualified advisers. We invest in technology and have robust systems in order to produce an efficient highly personalised service
  • We provide an on-going advice service. We don’t sell a product and walk away. We want to earn the right to be a trusted adviser
  • We are fully upfront and transparent on all costs or charges
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  • Are at various stages of their lifecycle. Generally we feel that we can provide the greatest benefit to those who have over €250,000 investable assets or pensions, or those who have complex financial situations to manage
  • Choose to work with Impartial because they understand that real investment expertise is what they require. They also realise that the typical old fashioned sales approach just isn’t good enough
  • Tend to have busy lives and value professional advice in all aspects of their lives
  • Appreciate that we protect their pension and investment portfolios against the downside rather than chasing maximum returns
  • Know that we treat them as individuals and are genuinely looking out for their best interests
  • Value our on-going service to protect and grow their wealth
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  • We provide you with a clear understanding of your choices and your options. We strip away all the jargon and provide clear rationale for our recommendations
  • We maximise the tax free cash that you can access from your pensions and increase tax efficiency in other aspects of your finances
  • We protect you and your dependants against all the primary financial risks
  • We agree a strategy to maximise tax efficiency in generational planning and in the eventual transfer on of your assets
  • We give you peace of mind and put you in control of your finances. We create an environment where you can relax knowing someone you trust is looking after your pensions and investments
  • If life is a journey we can show you what your destination might look like
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