Risk Analysis

Risk and return are inherently linked. Our clients trust us with protecting and growing their wealth. We take that responsibility very seriously. Therefore our first obligation is to conduct a thorough risk appropriateness assessment exercise. This generally will encompass three variables. Firstly we look at the clients desire or willingness to take on investment risk i.e. risk attitude.  We then look at the clients loss tolerance and ability to take on investment risk i.e. can they actually afford a negative outcome. This is the ability to accept risk. We now overlay what required rate of return is needed to meet the client’s long term goals. This is the requirement to take on investment risk.

Only by combining all three components of a client’s risk attributes do we have an accurate assessment of the clients risk profile.

Impartial.ie Investment Philosophy

Managing investment risks and delivering the required returns are a core part of our client proposition. Risk and return are inherently linked but where possible our approach is to look to moderate downside risk. Our team of advisers are investment specialists with many years of experience in senior Capital Markets positions.

We believe that there is no one single approach to investing which is optimal across all timeframes. Therefore we provide clients with a full suite of investment choices and approaches and we agree which option is optimal for the client at any given point in time. Asset allocation is the prime driver of investment returns, and value is the key criteria for asset allocation.

We add real value by filtering and selecting from an extensive list of international market leading investment managers. We will recommend domestic providers only where they display strong risk adjusted returns characteristics. The best funds display consistent risk adjusted return with low charges. Our investment solution is designed to act as a one stop wealth management hub. It offers a wide range of global market leading funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) ,  directly held equities, property investments, structured products and deposits.

On-going investment monitoring and review

Investment plans are like business plans in that they need to adapt as market conditions change. We are always monitoring markets to spot opportunities or monitor risks as they develop. The client gets a quarterly valuation update to make sure they are fully up to  date with progress versus ‘the plan’. If we think we need to change the strategy at any time we contact the client and likewise the client can contact us at any stage with queries.