In addition to our work with private clients we offer a range of independent advice services to small and medium sized businesses. Our services can be for the company owner

[s] or key staff shareholders etc.

We can offer a range of insurance solutions, such as Keyman or Co-Directors insurance to protect the firm against the loss of key shareholders or staff. This can also include group, protection, life insurance, critical illness and income protection for employees.

We provide expert pension and investment consultancy services for both business owners and group schemes. We will also provide advice on succession and retirement planning to maximise tax efficiency.

For medium and larger corporates we have a range of deposit alternative investment structures, which can be incorporated into liquidity management strategies to add diversification and improve returns. This is particularly relevant for companies with significant cash balances or reserves.

Please contact us if you would like to have an initial discussion on any of the above  to see where we can add value.