We work with a wide range of individuals from all around the country trying to help them meet their long term financial goals. Our working relationship can be based on just dealing with one specific issue or as is the case for most of our private clients it can be a comprehensive financial advice service. The client gets to choose which service they require.

Our clients’ circumstances and objectives by their very nature can be varied; however we find that most of them share the following characteristics;

  • They recognise the benefit of expert advice in relation to their finances
  • They understand that for these important financial matters, proper analysis and not a sales pitch is what is required
  • An appreciation that investments and wealth management need on going monitoring
  • They demand value and transparency  in relation to costs
  • They are prepared to pay for a professional financial advice service as long as it adds value to them and the service levels are good

If you recognise yourself in any of the above, please feel free to contact us and we would be delighted to discuss, on a no obligation basis, what we can offer and how we can help