The whole Credit Union sector is undergoing a challenging transformation.  According to the Registrar of Credit Unions as at June 2013 the Credit Union sector had Loans to members of €4.6billion and Surplus Liquidity of €9 billion. Therefore Credit Unions investment portfolios are the most significant aspect of their operations. As a voluntary sector Credit Unions have a challenge to assess and adopt the appropriate investment risk management policies. In the past Credit Unions have fallen foul of investments which they did not fully understand at the time they were sold to them and which were not appropriate for their needs. Today we see the same situation where investment firms are funnelling products to Credit Unions to earn as much commission as possible.

At Impartial we offer Credit Unions a better way forward based on the following;

  • Professional consultancy services and advice on drafting and implementing appropriate  investment risk policies and procedures
  • Expert investment risk analysis with no sales agenda
  • Transparent fee structure to ensure no conflict of interests and better value
  • Alignment of goals between Impartial and our Credit Union clients
  • On-going service to review performance