It is so refreshing to get clear and detailed advice which focuses on the ‘bigger picture’ of a person, tailored to the specific individual. Rather than the ‘hard sell’ so common in the sector, they take time to listen, understand specific needs and suggest appropriate action. At a time when truly objective, sound financial advice is much needed, Impartial provides an excellent service. Highly recommended.
Dr Eddie Fitzgerald, Cork
Like many people, I had nagging doubts about the value I was getting from my financial product providers. When we started working with, Vincent was able to cut through the terminology and show us exactly what we were getting. More importantly he showed us what we could or should have been getting. It was good to get some real transparency on these products. Likewise the ongoing investment advice and support that Impartial provides, leaves me free to run and grow my business; without worrying about investment markets or getting a shock when I see fund values.
Malcolm McGowan, Managing Director McGowans Print Ltd.
Very impressed by Impartial’s approach to financial planning. This is the way financial planning should be done, client centred, honest and straightforward.
Mr Ken Fox, Dublin
Working with Impartial has provided me with the comfort of knowing that my financial affairs are back under control. I’m no longer swamped with paperwork and I have peace of mind knowing my investments are being looked after by a team of experienced professionals.
Mr Kevin Murphy, Managing Director, AvantCard Ireland
I have found to be very focused on my individual financial requirements and offering sound independent advice with my needs as the priority.
Mr Gerard Flemming, Co. Wexford.
After working with Impartial, I always found them very willing to help and they have the clients best intentions at heart. They are happy to explain advice given and are very quick in responding. When giving advice all options are considered in a very detailed manner. I would definitely recommend using Impartial.
Conor McCrystal, Co. Cavan
When reviewing the Biotrin International Ltd Group Pension scheme, it became clear that as pensions are a complex and technical subject, getting to a position of clarity was going to be a challenge. We decided to get some independent and expert knowledge on our side, to provide an independent analysis and clear unbiased recommendations. We engaged to review our pension scheme and compare with best in class alternatives. Vincent also arranged presentations by the respective Life Companies which really helped us make our final decision. The independent review brought clarity to our decision making, helped us to ensure that we were making the right choices for all the stakeholders and improved the terms we were able to achieve. Based on our experience of working with Impartial, we would recommend them to anyone who wanted an independent and expert review of their company pension scheme
John Bishop, Chief Financial Officer, Biotrin International Ltd.
With Impartial you get exactly what it says on the tin, impartial, expert advice. We found the process with Impartial to be efficient and comprehensive. In these economic times it is very comforting to know that you have someone in your corner who is not trying to sell you a financial product such as an insurance or life policy that you dont need. Vincent presented us with an insightful written analysis that was tailor made to our own circumstances, we were left to make our own decisions with no pressure. If you are thinking of investing for your pension or to grow a nest egg we would argue that you cant afford not to work with Impartial
Matthew S, Dublin 15
We found Vincent’s expert knowledge on a wide breadth of Capital Markets activities to be a very valuable resource. If his expertise can add value to an institution like Irish Life and Permanent, I am certain that any individuals or companies, who are looking to get some real financial expertise working for them, will find just that in Vincent’s financial advice firm “”
Hilary Flood, Chief Risk Officer, Irish Life & Permanent plc
Vincent really knows what he is talking about when it comes to Finance! He tells it as it is, and explains financial matters in clear language that makes sense to me. He has saved me money and given excellent advice. That’s just what I am looking for in a financial adviser.
Michelle Thornton, Managing Director, Hotel Solutions Ltd.
Our Covered Bond programme is one of our strategic priorities in EBS. Vincent Digby is acknowledged internationally as an expert in Irish Covered Bonds. We are delighted to have Vincent partnering with us on this strategically important initiative.
Fergus Murphy, Chief Executive, EBS Building Society
I came to Impartial as a result of an article in the Sunday Times. Previous experience of so-called financial advisers was not good. Impartial is different: I found the initial detailed questionnaire reassurring in its comprehensive nature, asking about assets, goals and aversion to risk. Subsequent discussions have shown that these initial inputs are always considered when it comes to presentation of options. Since signing up with Impartial I have found the service thorough and efficient. I feel I am being really advised in the sense of having the options under consideration accurately explained, but that nonetheless the decisions taken are mine, backed up by considered advice. The quarterly review process makes me feel as if someone else cares about my financial well being. I consider that Impartial gives a good service for people like me who want to be involved in the investment decision taking, but don’t have the time themselves to become expert. I would recommend the service.
Dr. T Twomey, Co. Cork
I had no idea until taking independent advice from Impartial that my retirement options covered so many areas, and am really grateful for the professional and clear way in which these options have been explained. As you can imagine, the decision on how to take my pension was something I couldn’t afford to get wrong or take chances with. I am well up to date on financial matters, but even so Impartial were able to almost double the amount of tax free cash I could receive from my pension compared to what the scheme administrator was recommending. So I am grateful for all the help and expertise they have provided in dealing with my retirement planning.
Mr Kieran Spain, Retired financial journalist Dublin.
Working with Impartial on my pension investments has been a much better experience to what I previously experienced with another firm. Impartial saved me money upfront, which is always a good start. Firstly they identified protection policies which I no longer needed, saving me on unnecessary costs. Secondly they designed an investment strategy to meet my requirements and this has performed very well. Their quarterly update and review service is very useful, as it keeps me up to date on market developments and my investments. I know that Vincent’s firm is looking after me and will contact me if we need to take any action. This gives me good peace of mind and I feel that they are looking after my best interests. I would recommend to anyone in business. Get in contact with Impartial and see what they can do for you; for me it was time very well spent.
Michael Reade Managing Director, Reade Engineering Services Ltd.