Financial planning sits at the heart of everything we do for clients. It’s the roadmap that shows how you get from where you are to where you want to be.  This requires a detailed discovery process so we can get an accurate picture of your current financial position and your long term financial goals. We assess all the key inputs into your finances and develop a robust model which illustrates to all parties what is realistic and achievable. We then stress test this model under a range of adverse scenarios. At this point all parties have clarity on the key issues, risks to be addressed and likely outcomes. Our objective is to provide our clients with clarity, peace of mind and a realistic and achievable long term financial plan. Financial independence begins when we can confidently answer all of life’s big financial questions.

Dealing with life’s ‘big’ financial questions

  • Are all my dependants adequately provided for in the event of serious accident, illness to or mortality for myself?
  • Will they have enough income to maintain their current standard of living?
  • When can I retire? Can I retire early and still have adequate income in retirement?
  • Is there a risk we will run out of money at some stage?
  • Am I being tax efficient in both my current affairs and in estate planning?
  • Am I paying too much for the financial products I hold? Do I have unnecessary policies which I no longer require?
  • Am I getting an acceptable return from my investments taking into account the level of risk I am running?
  • Who is actively monitoring my investments and wealth to protect me and my investments from material downside risk?

Our comprehensive financial planning service will provide clarity, comfort and a realistic long term plan to help you meet your goals and answer those ‘big’ financial questions.

What is covered in our Financial Planning service?

All of the main areas of your finances will be covered. These include the following;

  • All your Protection needs analysed and quantified
  • Life Cover analysis and full market search for optimal solution
  • Critical illness cover analysis and full market search
  • Income protection analysis and full market search
  • Pension advice where we will project your likely pension or retirement income under several scenarios. We then provide clear recommendations as to how we can deliver the required income while moderating downside risk
  • Investment advice analysing your requirements, attitude to investment risk and loss tolerance. We then make specific investment recommendations for your particular requirements.
  • Generational planning to ensure tax efficiency in managing and passing on of your estate
  • Tax efficiency in all aspects of your financial planning