Our mission at Impartial.ie is to help our clients meet their long term financial goals and to earn the right to be considered a trusted adviser.  Our motto is ‘Protect and Grow’.  Our first priority is to protect you and your dependants from all the major financial risks. Next up we look to both protect and grow your wealth over time so you can achieve your financial freedom.

To do our job properly, we firmly believe in depth and methodical analysis are essential.  These items are far too important to make essential long term financial plans based on rough estimates. The good news is that we will do all this analysis for you.

All our advice is based upon what we would do if we were the client. Our analysis and recommendations are always presented in plain English with the required supporting analysis or information. We recommend clients take their time to go through our financial reviews and get us to clarify all their queries before making any decisions.

Managing investment risks and delivering the required returns are a core part of our client proposition. Risk and return are inherently linked but where possible our approach is to look to moderate downside risk. Our team of advisers are investment specialists with many years of experience in senior Capital Markets positions.

We believe that there is no one single approach to investing which is optimal across all timeframes. Therefore we provide clients with a full suite of investment choices and approaches and we agree which option is optimal for the client at any given point in time. Asset allocation is the prime driver of investment returns, and value is the key criteria for asset allocation.

Our lives are busy and always changing. As with any plan, our financial plans needs regular updates to ensure that we are on track to meet the client’s long term financial objectives. We recommend at a minimum an annual update and review in conjunction with investment updates on a quarterly basis.