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“Currently the average woman will have €14k p.a. pension income in retirement (€2k p.a. private pension and €12k p.a. State Pension). Remember a spouse is not a pension plan! Ladies we need to wise up and start planning for our own retirement.” Nikki Digby -  Director,

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“Important financial decisions often have far reaching and lasting consequences. These issues are far too important to be making big decisions based on rough estimates. At Impartial we don’t estimate our client’s needs.  We analytically quantify those needs and then stress test them under adverse scenarios to measure their impact. ” Nikki Digby – Director, [...]

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"When clients choose to work with Impartial, they can expect completely trustworthy and expert advice to help them make an informed decision as to what’s in their best financial interests. We are fully transparent and upfront in our dealings with clients and our objective is to earn the right to be a trusted adviser” Vincent [...]

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