Saving for your retirement can be complicated with a myriad of different rules and regulations. However a good adviser can cut through the complexity to clarify the important points and benefits. Alternatively complexity can often provide opportunity.

Impartial are well placed to help you to take advantage of that complexity and use planning opportunities to your advantage.

Below are some of the more significant ‘wins’ that we have delivered for our clients. Impartial provides high quality independent and expert advice based on what we would do if we were the client. Our firm has investment and risk management in our DNA and we work with clients in a professional, open and transparent manner at all times. Feel free to contact us to discuss the services offered and any costs involved

Client ‘Wins’

  • Delivered pension cost structures less than a quarter of that offered by a leading provider
  • Increased the pension tax free cash amount for a retiring pension scheme member by €73k over and above what the Trustees had advised previously
  • Reduced costs by 20% on a Group risk protection scheme
  • Increased pension transfer values by up to 3% on pension scheme wind ups
  • 100% net allocation rate offered on all pension contributions
  • Range of Investment options, for both companies and individuals, with full liquidity and the only entry cost is the 1% Govt. levy
  • Holistic financial planning for all moving parts for you and your family’s finances

Feel free to contact us to see where we can add value and reduce costs.