At Impartial, we can offer clients the widest range of domestic and international investment options. Unlike most of our competitors who offer a narrow range of predominantly domestic fund managers, Impartial provide access to the best fund managers across the globe. This includes investment legends such as Vanguard, Dimensional Fund Advisers, Blackrock, Fidelity amongst many others.

In addition to funds, our investment platform provides access to a huge range of Exchange Traded Funds so we can gain exposure to Index investing, smart beta investing and a huge range of individual specific asset classes. Directly held equities will also form part of client’s investment strategies to reduce ongoing costs and to allow stock specific exposure.

All of the above will be available via our Global investment platform. Clients will log on to their own account via a secure portal on our web site.  There will be a comprehensive reporting and analytical options available along with up to date valuations. This will put clients in complete control of their portfolio with all the information they require at their fingertips.

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